Imminent launch of the e-GP Air, the eletronic airbag for pilots

On track, very high speeds can have serious consequences for pilots in the event of a fall.
That is why, it is important to offer a reliable, fast and adapted airbag protection for their practice.
After two years of research, development and testing our
NEW wireless airbag vest for race track: the “e-GP Air” will be available soon.
A real revolution in protection and detection.
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Adding the electronic technology to our range enables us to offer a wireless system with a faster detection while maintaining the level of protection and reliability of our mechanical system.

The “Electronic airbag system” technology adapted to the e-GP Air airbag


The vest integrates the “Electronic Airbag System” technology developed by Helite.
A multi-sensor technology (accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS) that analyzes and follows
motorcyclist's motion in context (more than 1000 times per second) to detect falls or accidents in real time.
When a fall is detected, the airbag inflates automatically in less than 55 ms and before impact. 

Fork sensor option: 
Caution: Highly recommended on the road, this option must not be used on the track.
Nevertheless, the option is compatible with the e-GP Air for road use. 


The vest is suitable for men and women and can be worn over any leather suit.
Available in 7 sizes (from S to XL-L) from € 839. Available in April at all of our resellers in France and Europe.
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WHAT ARE THE differences BETWEEN the mecanical airbag system? 

The difference is mainly in terms of detection time and use.
- Faster detection: from 62 ms at a speed of 35km / h.
- Easier and more convenient use: no need to connect yourself with the motorcycle.
Just press the ON / OFF button 3 times to activate or deactivate the system 



The system retains Helite's requirements for protection and ease of use:

- Airbag protection volume: between 17 and 28L (the largest on the market) depending on the size of the airbag.
- The unique shape of the airbag: optimal protection of the neck / cervical and vital parts (thorax, back ...)
- The double TURTLE effect: chest and back protector for better shock absorption.
- Aerodynamics: the vest adapts to all motorcycle suits (space for the hump provided.
- Simple reconditioning: by yourself and in a few minutes after an inflation.
(Very convenient on the track to continue driving even after a fall.)

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