Helite agrees and joins the national French airbag plan to spur the purchase of an airbag vest

On April 2, the French charter of the "Airbag plan" was signed between the road safety and 8 specialized organizations for motorized two-wheelers and road safety education.


The aim of this charter is to create safety awareness among motorcyclists and to increase the number of people equipped with an airbag without making it mandatory.

Here are the key points and main commitments of the "Airbag Plan" charter

  • Driving school representatives: want to equip each student who passes his motorcycle licence with an airbag and offer a discount voucher if the students want to buy an airbag system by an authorized dealer afterwards.
  • The insurances: want to encourage their members to wear airbags through awareness campaigns and commercial offers.
  • Motorcycle and scooter manufacturers (CNPA): will present the airbag to each customer and have a dedicated sales area for airbag vests.
  • French Motorcycling Federation: wants to highlight the advantages of wearing an airbag during sporting events (not only in GP, GP2,…).


Read the charter


Helite was present and supports this initiative. As a member of the GPAM (Groupement des professionnels de l'airbag moto) we are committed to take action to facilitate the purchase of an airbag vest and to encourage motorcyclists to equip themselves.


Reminder:  Inventory of motorcycling in France:

  • 3 million users of two-wheeled motorcycles in France,
  • 1 million users of two-wheeled motorcycles each day
  •  25% of people killed on the road are motorcyclists,
  • 75% of injuries from motorcyclists concern the abdomen, the chest or the spine.
  • Less than 4% are equipped with an airbag.