CES2019: Helite presents B'Safe: the first airbag vest for cyclists

It's confirmed ! We will be present at the next CES in Las Vegas, from 8 to 11 January 2019, alongside the 26 startups selected by Business France to present our latest innovation the airbag jacket "B'Safe" which protects cyclists in case fall or accident.

The B'Safe project: an innovation for cycling safety


The airbag vest is 100% autonomous and follows cyclist's movements in real time. When a fall or an accident is detected, the airbag inflates automatically to protect the chest, neck and back (3 vital areas very affected in case of accident).

Discover the concept in video:

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Innovation Award: B'Safe, nominated in the wearable technology category


Great new and big pride for us! We learned today at the CES Unveiled in Paris that our airbag vest received the "Innovation Award Honoree" in the wearable category. That means that B’Safe is one of the major innovation for the next CES ! We are so glad to be part of the shortlist and cross our fingers for the next step !


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