How it's MADE?




Behind the scenes, research, development, production and quality control, discover our compay's unique airbag expertise.



HELITE’s R&D Team develops innovative solutions to integrate in HELITE branded airbags and B2B projects for very diverse industries. We invent and design every single airbag component, which makes our know-how and products unique and authentic. The high-level engineering makes it easy to adapt to specific needs and react quickly to improve products.



Ideas come to life in our prototype workshop. Hundreds of prototypes are made and tested before we decide to organize production. Our very experienced technical team works hand in hand with the engineers.



Many parameters are tested during the development phase of an airbag. The criteria are different depending on the airbag application. Typical tests include: making sure the airbag inflates correctly, inflates fast enough, inflates at the correct pressure, inflates on the body parts that we want to protect etc.



Our know-how and research is so unique that most of our testing equipment we must invent ourselves! The “guillotine” test is very useful for checking the absorption of the tested airbag. Every critical parameter is carefully tested.



After the final prototype has been approved it's time for textile design and patternmaking. The new airbag needs a nice packaging! Choosing specific textiles, aesthetical details and computerization of the patterns are daily assignments at HELITE.



100% of our airbags are manufactured and assembled in Dijon, France. (now you know Dijon for its mustard and its airbags!). Engineers, technicians and production all work in the same building… a very big advantage when it comes to producing high-quality safety devices.



Quality control is conducted on every single airbag that comes out of our production. In other words, 100% of our production is tested before it is sold! The quality control consists of several tests such as: controlling the triggering force, inflating the airbag twice the pressure that it is supposed to sustain. Our rigorous method enables us to guarantee a very high level of reliability. Let’s not forget, we try to save lives!