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Protection-airbag-Airbagschutz (2).jpg



The scooter airbag jacket inflates a significant volume of protection that will absorb shocks and maintain your core to avoid hyper-extension.




The triggering system is 100% mechanical: high reliability, life-span, easy to install and use, no maintenance.




Our motorcycle airbag is sold ready to inflate. It is supplied with one lanyard and one cartridge.

retro-reflechissant-retro-reflective-reflexstreifen (2).jpg


Retro-reflective panel in the back area.

Knox-protection-rigide-protectors-amors-protektoren (2).jpg



KNOX CE approved back, shoulder and elbow armor.

textile-technique-technical-strapazierfahige-textilien (7).jpg


Technical textile specifically chosen for its abrasion resistance and water repellency.

poche-taschen-pocket (2).jpg


Big very practical exterior and interior pockets.

membrane-waterproof-breathable-technische-membran (1).jpg


Waterproof fabric, you will stay dry even under torrential rain.



High-quality removable fully-sleeved 3M THINSULATE® thermal liner.



Adjustable cuffs to keep the wind from coming in.



The triggering system and cartridge are nicely hidden in the jacket.



Magnetic fastening system

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The airbag jacket has a removable airbag. It is possible to wash the outer fabric after removing the airbag. Don't put your jacket in the dryer.
If you want to remove and reassemble your airbag in the jacket, please contact us.

Otherwise you can leave the airbag in the jacket and wash by hand without drowning the mechanical part of the system. We recommend that you energetically scrub with a brush in warm soapy water (no detergent, products may alter the fabric). 

The Helite City jacket has a 100% water resistant interior and exterior to withstand extreme conditions. The airbag is well covered. It is strongly discouraged to sink your jacket with airbag completely in water.

The 100% mechanical Helite systems integrate the same airbag (models: TOURING, ROADSTER, VENTED, TURTLE VEST).  

The MEKATRONIK airbag and the GP'AIR model integrate a different airbag shape.



Comment-utiliser-airbag-moto (3).jpgEvery airbag comes with a user guide. The user guide will explain you how to use and take care of your motorcycle airbag, how to install the cord and reactivate your system after inflation.

Our team is at your service, even after your purchase if you have any doubt about the correct use of your inflatable life savior.





warranty-4-years-helite-airbag (3).png

Register your airbag to extend the limited 2 years warranty into 4 years warranty






Certifications & Reviews


CE CERTIFICATION - Our airbags are certified by the external laboratory CRITT Sport, the French specialist for objectively testing Personal protective equipment (PPE).



MOTORBIKE TIMES CLIENT TESTIMONIAL - "Peter Humphrey was involved in an accident whilst wearing a Helite Airnest vest, a cover vest which inflates to protect the upper body on impact, and it recent proved to be worth its weight in gold as it prevented him from severe injuries during a crash." => Read more


webBikeWorld TESTED THE AIRNEST VEST - "It's easy to use, designed to fit over a motorcycle jacket and it costs about as much as a good quality helmet. [...] The AirNest is made to much higher quality standards than the airbag jackets and vests we have reviewed in the past." => Read more

Size chart

This size chart is for information only. Caution, you mustn’t wear Helite airbag if you weigh less than 35kg.

SIZES (cm) L XL How to measure?




A. Measure from the floor to the top of your head.




B. Measure horizontally around the fullest part of your chest, under the armpits

Cartridge 60cc 60cc

The cartridge size must fit the airbag size