The Prestige is an airbag vest that is compatible with the Zip’in airbag by Helite and combines style and safety. Discretely, the Prestige ensures an optimal protection and a high comfort. Its elegant design matches easily with any outfit. Thanks to its stretchy material on the hips, the Airshell vest is made for any body shape and guarantees a great freedom of movement.


Thanks to its highly resistant seam the outer withstands an airbag activation and gets back in its original shape after every inflation. Available in sizes Child L to 2 XL the unisex airbag vest can be worn by everyone : children, adolescents, adults and seniors.


The Zip’in principle shortly explained : 
The idea of the Zip’in airbag is that you buy the airbag with a compatible outer once and can use the same airbag for different outers and therefore also for different disciplines, purposes, weather conditions, .. Helite’s Zip’in airbag is compatible with the outers by Helite, Dada Sport, Oscar & Gabrielle. A label indicates this compatibility. It only takes a few seconds (a zip) to combine the airbag with the outer. You have to choose the same size for your Zip’in airbag and your compatible outer. 


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