B'Safe Launch : the airbag for cyclists available in Europe.

We are proud to announce that B’Safe, the first airbag vest for cyclists, is finally available in Europe. 
A great fullfillement of our team after more than 2 years of intensive R&D, tests and prototypes. 


How to order B'Safe Airbag ? 

Ordering your B'Safe is easy! 
- Visit shop.helite.com. 
- Choose "B'Safe Airbag",
- Select your size and the color of your choice,
- Confirm your order 
- Pay online with your credit card. 

That’s it! You will receive B’Safe at your place within 7 working days.

Order B'Safe 


What is included in the B'Safe packaging ?

The B’Safe airbag system comes ready-to-use. It contains the B’Safe vest, a gas generator that is already installed in the vest

+ the complete SDU packaging (saddle sensor needs to be installed under your seatpost). 


Order B'Safe 


How B'Safe works ? 


The system is 100% autonomous and follow cyclist's motion in context. When an accident or a fall is detected by the system, the airbag inflate automatically to protect the thorax, the neck and back : three vital zones that could be severely damadge in case of accident. 

See video

FAQ’s & First use

- How to choose the right size? 
- For what type of discipline is the airbag system adapted to?
- What areas are protected? 
- Can I reuse B’Safe after an inflation? 
- First use .... 

Feel free to watch our tutorials and read our FAQ’s in case of doubt.  You can also contact us by email bsafe@helite.com or at  +33 (0) 380354826. 

Read the FAQ's